• Of 311+ million in U.S. – 9 million are Deaf or hard of hearing
  • Unemployment rate for deaf workers is about 75%
  • 19% are underemployed


  • Take social responsibility. You will be in compliant with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  • Tax credit up to $5000 is available when you hire a person with disability.
  • Accommodation cost is usually MINIMAL. It is not expensive as many employers “think” it to be.
  • Due to modern technology, communication with d/Deaf employees is at the “tip of your finger.” Deaf employees use email, instant messaging, chat program, texting, relay service and etc to communicate with their employers.
  • Deaf people’s level of fluency in English does not reflect a Deaf person’s intelligence. Deaf people whose first language is American Sign Language may or may not show a weakness in English. If there is a weakness, we encourage you to look beyond this and instead encourage them to improve their English.
  • People with disability are loyal and reliable employees.
  • If you were to hire a person with disability, you will be helping that person become less reliant on federal support.

Coming soon…

  • How to interview a Deaf person whose first language is American Sign Language.
  • How to work with a d/Deaf person.
  • Hiring an interpreter.
  • American with Disability Act