(Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is Deaf To Work (DTW)?

    It is a non-profit organization founded by Susan Rondini in 2010. It is devoted to helping Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in finding employment as well as provides resources to assist companies and their Deaf and Hard of Hearing employees in building good work relationships.

  2. Who is on the Board of DTW?

    President/Founder- Susan Rondini
    Chairperson- Daniel Lunt
    Secretary- Kelly Madsen
    Treasurer- Susan Rondini (temporary, until officer is elected)
    Creative Coordinator- Kristen Segedi
    Interpreter Coordinator- Stephanie Ford
    Trustees- Mason Fenner, Bonnie Fenner, Pascal Mutabazi, Fred Palchick, Laurie Pesarchick

  3. Does DTW offer the same services as Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR)?

    No. BVR and DTW both have similar goals- to place Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals in jobs. However DTW does not follow the order of selection (meaning, DTW does not discriminate to determine who receive services first).

  4. Is DTW a hearing operated non-profit organization?

    No, it is Deaf-operated. We believe Deaf people should serve Deaf people. DTW President is CODA (Children Of Deaf Adults- which means the president is an adult hearing child of Deaf parents). The Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, and Trustees are either Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

  5. Does DTW provide interpreters?

    Yes. Interpreting services are offered free (if DTW interpreters are available) for any *Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals requesting interpreters for job interviews. General interpreting services for fee are charged to companies requesting services.
    * Since DTW is still small, free interpreting services for job interviews are provided for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals living in Northeast Ohio only. As DTW grows, we hope to expand this service in areas outside of Northeast Ohio.

  6. What services does DTW offer companies who presently employ Deaf or Hard of Hearing workers?

    • DTW offers workshops for a fee to assist hearing workers with communication tools and resources. See workshop titles below:

    1. “Deaf and hearing workplace communication solutions”
    2. “Learn basic sign language in the workplace”
    3. “So you want to develop a better work relationship with your Deaf/Hard of Hearing employee(s)?”

    • DTW offers interpreting services for fee for members and non-members. Fees are reduced for members.

  7. What services does DTW offer Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals?

    • DTW offers workshops for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals seeking to return to the workforce or desires different jobs. See workshop titles below:

    1. “What do I need to KNOW before getting a job?”
    2. “I want to start my own business”

    • DTW will assist and work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals for FREE in finding employment. One-on-one assistance is provided during workshops for the following:

    1. Filling out job applications
    2. Learning basic computer skills
    3. Resume writing
    4. Job interview coaching
    5. Equal opportunity/anti-discrimination coaching